Hi, Gitamic!

Gitamic is a premium Statamic add-on that allows you to take full control of your git workflow from within your CMS.
Gitamic adds a simple, beautiful and intuitive git UI to your Statamic CP so that you can have more control over your commits.
It's great for solo sites where you want more granular control of your git history, but really shines on more complex sites that rely on live-publishing whilst pushing changes from your Statamic CP back to your git repository.


Gitamic supports many of the features you'd expect from a git GUI:
  • View the 'working tree'
  • Stage and unstage changes (even in bulk)
  • Discard unstaged changes
  • Commit staged changes
  • Push to & pull from the remote branch
  • See the commit history
  • View diffs
Gitamic is under active development. More features are on the way. If you've got any specific requests, please see how to raise Bugs and Feature Requests
Please support this project by purchasing a license, as it allows me to continue working on it. 🙏



Statamic Pro

Gitamic does not require Statamic Pro, nor Statamic's Git Automation to be enabled, in order to work. It can independently work with your repository at no extra expense.
This means you can even use Gitamic on your Statamic Free sites!
But you can also use Gitamic with Statamic Pro's Git Automation. See 3. [Optional] Play nicely with Statamic Pro for more details.

Pricing & Bundles

You can pay for Gitamic in $ USD, £ GBP or € EUR
Gitamic comes in a few licensing flavours:

🌱 Gitamic Pro - Single-site, annual license

One year of updates and support. Renews annually at a discounted rate. Also available in a 5-site bundle 🪴 Buy four, get one free! And don't worry, you don't need to keep paying to keep using... if you choose to stop renewing at any point, you will only miss out on the latest updates and support.

🌳 Gitamic Lifetime

A single payment (no renewals), access to every version of Gitamic. Plus direct access to the Gitamic repo, so you'll get to beta test pre-release versions and have a lifetime of priority support.

🌲 Gitamic Lifetime Unlimited license

Great if you're planning to build lots of sites with Gitamic or just really want to support its continued development.
As well as being able to use it on as many sites as you want, having lifetime direct access to the repo and priority support, you'll get a permanent spot in an Acknowledgements file that will be included with every installation.
For the latest prices and offers, keep your eye on the Pricing tab on Gitamic's Anystack Marketplace listing.


  1. 1.
    To install and use Gitamic, you first need a license key. Purchase one on Anystack
  2. 2.
    Activate your license key in your Anystack dashboard

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you experience any problems with Gitamic, please raise an issue using the appropriate template.
For feature requests, please start a Discussion in the Ideas category.
You can also find me (@simonhamp) in the #3rd-party channel on the Statamic Discord. (Note that I will likely still ask you to fill out a GitHub issue).


If you discover any security related issues, please see the Security policy for what to do.


Gitamic is a premium add-on and you must purchase a license key in order to use it.
Read the full License agreement
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